(1+RE)DISCOVER x Iskarnival

COMPRISING feature films, shorts, documentaries and new media, The Daily Seni’s screening programme (1+RE)DISCOVER returns after a one-week stint at Urbanscapes back in May. This time, we’re dedicated to the films of the Nusantara in order to give local audiences an opportunity to identify the very things that define filmmaking in this region.

Don’t be fooled by the duration of the event — even though our Urbanscapes screenings spanned five days, this new edition at ISKARNIVAL is approximately three times bigger. There will be a total of 8 features, 20 shorts and 1 documentary from around the Nusantara screened as part of the latest (1+RE)DISCOVER.

But first, what is the Nusantara and what does it have to do with you?

Indeed, these neighbouring countries are very much related. Not only do Malaysians and say, Indonesians, find it relatively easy to adapt to one another’s language, both can also rapidly acclimatize to one another’s culture and lifestyle and even values. In fact, remember that highly-publicised case in which Indonesia accused Malaysia of stealing its cultural heritage because tarian pendet appeared in a video promoting Malaysia?

Utilising a Nusantara theme, we hope to close the information gap by showcasing the unique differences that make these nations special as well as highlight the familiarity of each one of them. But we will be doing that the fun way complete with snacks and guest filmmakers.

Make sure to stay for the closing of our (1+RE)DISCOVER program, when we all glean perspective from Bernard Chauly‘s ninety-minute stunner Eropah Here I Am.


Features one selected cinematic feature from each country as curated by Wendi Sia with The Daily Seni, these films include Brunei’s first ever commercial feature Ada Apa Dengan Rina.


2012 | Malaysia | An Apparat Production | Written and directed by Dain Iskandar Said | Starring Faizal Hussein, Zahiril Adzim, Pekin Ibrahim, Nam Ron, Bront Palarae, Wan Hanafi Su, Amerul Affendi & Soffi Jikan

Set in the secluded mangroves of Malaysia, three brothers return to their home, each with their own path and each with their own fate. Kickboxer Adil, the youngest, is on the run from an illegal fight, while Ilham, a hired assassin and the oldest brother, hunts for his next prey. It is the middle brother, Bakar, an opportunist, that sets them all on a collision course of deceit, regret and murder. As quickly as their lives reunite, their ties are forever ripped apart.

Screening at Hall, AFINITI at 4:00pm, 17 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.

Ada Apa Dengan Rina

2013 | Brunei | A Regalblue Production | directed by Harlif Haji Mohamad & Farid Azlan Ghani (Brunei) | Starring Syukri Mahari, Tauffek Ilyas, Dk Moniri, Hj Firdaus, Norharizah, Hans Anuar, Zul Faden & Lo Ryder

Mengisahkan tentang seorang pemuda yang kacak serta berjawatan tinggi bernama Hakim yang mencapai umur 30 tahun tetapi masih belum bertemu jodoh. Melalui rakan serumahnya Faisal, Hakim diperkenalkan dengan satu teori dalam mencari pasangan yang sesuai. Setelah diperkenalkan dengan teori tersebut, Hakim diperkenalkan kepada pengurus pemasaran baru syarikat dimana dia bekerja bernama Rina. Kemesraan Rina terhadap Hakim, ditambah pula desakan keluarga serta rakan baiknya, Hakim akhirnya akur dan bertekad untuk melamar Rina. Adakah Rina akan menerima lamaran Hakim?

Screening at Hall, AFINITI at 12:00pm, 18 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.

Melancholy Is A Movement

2015 | Indonesia | A Metafor Pictures Production | Written and directed by Richard Oh | Starring Joko Anwar, Ario Bayu, Fachri Albar, Karina Salim, Amink, Alex Abbad, Verdi Solaiman, Hannah Al-Rashid, Tengku Ryo, Upi, Aimee Saras, Aghi Narottama, Tony Setiaji, Ardy Octaviand & Farishad Latjuba

Berkisah tentang cita-cita seorang pembuat film yang mendadak terhenti oleh sebuah kejadian . Dinamika teman-teman di sekitarnya dan kebutuhan untuk membayar sewa kantor membuat ia harus bergerak dan menerima tawaran untuk membuat sebuah film religi. Sebuah genre yang selalu dihindarnya. Tanpa disadarinya, ia terseret dalam sebuah perangkap kehidupan: sejauh mana ia bisa pertahankan cita-citanya dengan kemungkinan-kemungkinan kehidupan yang sepertinya punya kehendaknya sendiri?

Screening at Hall, AFINITI at 4:00pm, 18 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.


Features short films from each member country as curated by Wendi Sia, These films include Semaine de la Critique winner Prenjak (In The Year of the Monkey)BMW Shorties 2014 winner for Best Actress, Khatijah, and the bizarre, arresting works of young Bruneian filmmaker Abdul Zainidi.

Bak Kut Teh | Singapore | Directed by Kat Goh
Wild Dogs | Singapore | Directed by Saravanan Sambasivam
Screening in Room, AFINITI at 1:00pm, 18 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.

Flying Udal | Brunei | Directed by Abdul Zainidi
Vanishing Children | Brunei | Directed by Abdul Zainidi
Masa | Brunei | Directed by Aznniel Yunus
Screening in Room, AFINITI at 3:00pm, 18 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.

Khatijah | Malaysia | Directed by Chong Yew Fei
Sunset Over Selungo | Malaysia | Directed by Ross Harrison
Screening in Room, AFINITI at 5:00pm, 18 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.

Symbiosis | Indonesia | Directed by Wiranata Tanjaya
Screening in Room, AFINITI at 6:00pm, 18 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.


Featuring selected output from Astro Citra’s film mentorship program Karya 12, this segment shines light on telemovies which deserve your attention. From Bernard Chauly’s contemplative gaze at Europe’s refugee crisis via Eropah, Here I Am to Michael Ang’s knack for shock and reward on film in horror flick Kulit, Malaysian television has never seemed more in the game. Hang around after Chalie and Syahadah Yang Hilang for a chance to chat with its filmmakers.

Directed by Safwan Salleh | Starring Cristina Suzanne, Akhmal Nazri, Nadia Aqilah & Khairunazwan Rodzy
Screening and Q&A in Hall, AFINITI at 2:00pm, 17 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.

Syahadah Yang Hilang
Directed by Shafiq Shamsul | Starring Lisa Surihani, Didie Alias, Syafiq Kyle, Esma Daniel & Ainul Aishah
Screening and Q&A in Hall, AFINITI at 8:00pm, 17 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.

Directed by Michael Ang | Starring Nabila Huda, Sharifah Sakinah, Fizz Fairuz & Puteri Balqis
Screening in Hall, AFINITI at 6:00pm, 18 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.

Eropah, Here I Am
Directed by Bernard Chauly | Starring Bront Palarae, Fazura, Aziz Capkurt & Lila Baklesi
Screening in Hall, AFINITI at 9:00pm, 18 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.


Featuring a selection of new media curated by a special guest, this segment aims to give artists an opportunity to play with the medium by selecting works which resonate with them. Our chosen curator will be presenting a series of videos obtained from social media which the artist deems evocative of the Nusantara spirit.

Dali Abdul Azis

As the proud founder of alternative art gallery Minut Init, Dali Abdul Azis is a busy man with big visual art projects on his plate from time to time. Back in May, Minut Init converted the basement of a bank into a visual art showcase in conjunction with Urbanscapes, while most recently the gallery collaborated with The Ryan Foundation to bring   — the largest collection of Warhol’s Polaroids ever shown in Asia — to Kuala Lumpur. Away from Minut Init, Dali also dabbles in performing art and modelling. He was last seen on film in Taufiq Kamal‘s Terbit23. Dali will be presenting a selection of videos procured from social media with a written accompaniment.

Screening in Room, AFINITI at 12:00pm, 17 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.

BORAK FILEM: Kenapa Filem?

Featuring young Malaysian producers, directors and student filmmakers who have been scoring recognition locally and internationally, this is one panel discussion you don’t want to miss out on. Borak Filem is The Daily Seni’s one-of-a-kind live, off-camera talk show! Hosted by Sharifah Aryana and Deric Ect, Borak Filem will see Three Week Film Experiment‘s Chloe Yap, Bruneian enigma Abdul Zainidi, S-Express‘s Aiman Aliff, theatre practitioner Nawfal Zamri, and many other surprises to show and tell you kenapa filem.

Discussion in Room, AFINITI at 7:00pm, 18 September 2016. Admission is free, limited seating.

And the best part? All of this is being presented as part of something even grander.

ISKARNIVAL happens on both dates and will see a mammoth selection of happenings from hackathons to special effects make-up classes and a Lego competition — think YSDAF but a bit cooler, more unhinged and located in Johor. There’ll also be The Daily Seni’s biggest cross-disciplinary performance program happening at the same time called KITARAN so check that out too!

None of this would have been possible without Khazanah NasionalUEM Sunrise and Iskandar Investment, all of which continue keeping the festival going for another year. The Daily Seni would like to thank both parties for giving support to the film industry and for presenting (1+RE)DISCOVER under the ISKARNIVAL banner.

The Daily Seni will also be staying at the delightful Hotel Ariana @ Iskandar, which has very kindly extended their hand to our team and is a pretty neat place to stay if you’re looking for somewhere near festival grounds!

This edition of ISKARNIVAL, named KREATIF, will be followed by editions titled NARATIF and SAMA SAMA in October and November respectively. Time for a second home in Johor, maybe?

(1+RE)DISCOVER takes place as part of ISKARNIVAL KREATIF from 17-18 September 2016 at Mall of Medini, Nusajaya, Johor. For all enquiries, please contact us at or drop us a direct message.

Presented by The Daily Seni, Khazanah Nasional, UEM Sunrise and Iskandar Investment. Programmed by The Daily Seni and Wendi Sia. Produced and publicised by Deric Ect for The Daily Seni. Key artwork and social media management by Shufitri Shukardi. Supported by Regalblue Production, Astro Citra and Hotel Ariana @ Iskandar.