(1+RE)DISCOVER x Urbanscapes

A week-long event in collaboration with Malaysian arts festival Urbanscapes, (1+RE)DISCOVER featured full-length features, shorts and even music videos.

The Daily Seni curated a selection of video content and special guests for the old OCBC bank building on Jalan Hang Kasturi back in May.

From established directing talent to bright new voices in storytelling, our panel had cool chicks like Virginia Kennedy and badass young women like Nadira Ilana. Tunku Mona Riza also showed up to tell people a bit more about Redha, which has since gone on to become one of the year’s most-acclaimed Malaysian release.

And at the end of the whole thing, Takahara Suiko, Raja Syahiran, The Last One Awake and Talitha Tan did a 40-minute set for everyone who stayed for Astro First‘s Hey Orang Kita.

Where else are you going to find Saw Teong Hin up close telling you about his first music video job, or Kroll Azry sharing about the dodginess of shooting in the less-savoury side of Bangsar? Did you know we also premiered the trailer to Pekak during our Synesthesia segment?

We’d tell you more, but (1+RE)DISCOVER will be an ongoing series we hope to build into a film festival someday, so come to our next installment and we’ll continue our story! Read the full deal here and the entire ordeal here.

Presented by The Daily Seni and Urbanscapes. Curated, produced and publicised by Deric Ect and Shufitri Shukardi for The Daily Seni. Special thanks to Ariff Kamil, Farah Kamsari, Current Pictures, Astro First and Grand Brilliance.