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Fashion students to guess how people will look in the future as part of YSDAF 2016
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Fashion students to guess how people will look in the future as part of YSDAF 2016

by Yvonne TanAugust 5, 2016

ENVISION the clothes that we would don ourselves in the far-flung future. Got a clear picture in your mind yet?

Yayasan Sime Darby Art Festival 2016 (YSDAF) posed this question to Saito Fashion School. The results will manifest at YSDAF’s grand opening come 20 August 2016. In this unique exercise, 18 promising students were given the chance to design a head-to-toe look based on their own vision of stylish futuristic citizens.

We’re not just talking about trends here. The Daily Seni was given an exclusive sneak peak at Saito’s output and we must say that their young designers have delivered a distinctive range of interpretations; hardly any two garments from the process look alike.

Among the selected, Lee Yee Wah has created two pieces inspired by samurai armour — once made with heavy materials such as metal for protection during war.

For this special project, she has reinterpreted the armour using lighter fabrics to symbolize our future as a time of peace where there would be no need for such protection.

Other participants meanwhile took on a more environmental approach. We saw fabric manipulated to mimic melting glaciers and some even utilised tree bark as a textile! A pattern soon emerges: these designers seem to be telling us that nature will heavily influence design as technology continues to advance.

Timelessness is another concept some of Saito’s budding designers have explored whether through cultural values or the innocence of childhood.

Needless to say, there is no single overarching view of the future which will make this parade very interesting to say the least.

By the way, these 20 garments won’t be walking on just any runway. They will be paraded along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah from 10.30am onwards and you won’t want to miss the sight of such madcap designs against an everyday Malaysian backdrop!

After the walk, these clothes will be exhibited during the YSDAF finale until the following week at KLPAC.

Follow  for further updates make sure to check out the rest of their exciting line up on their website.

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