In collaboration with the good folks over at Minut Init and some talented local artists, The Daily Seni presented BINTANG X BULAN, an inaugural one-day festival of its kind on 16 April 2016.

Spanning music, poetry and theatre, BINTANG X BULAN was coordinated by The Daily Seni in collaboration with alternative art space Minut Init, featuring content produced by art collective Sisi Seni Production, experimental theatre group The Lighters, and Malaysiana alt-rock band Monsoon Market.

BINTANG X BULAN was an event organized with to celebrate and give opportunities to young local acts in theatre, poetry and music. We picked underground talents for this event, such as indie theatre company The Lighters who performed an original play titled Decay by Maya Zaharudin.

In the evening, art collective Sisiseni conducted POET VS WILD for us — some of their line-up were Amir Jahari, Jamal Raslan and Leaism — while sound artist Gnurr and up-and-coming local bands Monsoon Market, LUST, Skies Are Red and Armand Tanzirian performed behind a cloth screen for Jes Ebrahim‘s Wayang Di Bayang. It was awesome.

Click here for more details on the event and ideas to pull off your own!

Presented by The Daily Seni and Minut Init. Programmed by The Daily Seni, Sisiseni, Monsoon Market and The Lighters. Directed, produced and publicised by Deric Ect and Shufitri Shukardi for The Daily Seni. Assisted by Azzad Mahdzir, Zed Adam Idris and Faizal Shahrin. Special thanks to Time Out Kuala Lumpur, Hafsah Nizar and Kavinish Nair.