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5 reasons you’ll have a good weekend at IP Kreatif, Johor’s free arts and culture festival!
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5 reasons you’ll have a good weekend at IP Kreatif, Johor’s free arts and culture festival!

by Maira ZamriJuly 15, 2017

THIS year has been filled with amazing festivals all around the country, but brace yourselves for IP Kreatif!

Johor’s so-called festival of ideas happening from 22 – 23 July promises a weekend of good music, good company and all around good energy. Held in Mall of Medini, Iskandar Puteri, this is a festival where different culminations of passion push themselves forward in the form of music, visual art, discussions, workshops, bazaars and various types of performances. 

Are you in love with this band yet? Checked out our feature on them? Come to Johor this weekend to catch Masdo live!

IP Kreatif is the place to be for those in search of a great time; there’s no better reason to head to Johor this July. In fact, here are five good reasons to head to the Malaysian end of Selat Tebrau this weekend.

1. Bands, musicians, more bands!

Every festival worth going to must feature good music. IP Kreatif 2017 is no different; look at its sickening lineup of performers! Honestly! It’s sickening! Hosting over 20 bands, it’s impossible not to enjoy yourself at the festival.

Pitahati is coming to Johor and performing for free at IP Kreatif!

Some of the ensembles that will be performing at IP Kreatif are current Malaysian favourites such as Masdo, Skudap Skudip, Pitahati, Febians, Ramayan, The Otherside Orchestra, Johny Comes Lately and Handy Black. But if you want more intimate performances, you won’t be disappointed with the likes of Bayangan, Paper Plains and Beverly Matujal.

Since this is an event held in the state of Johor Darul Takzim, it’s only natural to have Johorean bands under the spotlight too. IP Kreatif has South & The Lowlands, Chandeliers Ablaze, Seakan Bintang, Faliant Ferdiant Trio and even legendary 80’s rockers Febians to share the flavour of Johorean music.

Tengok lah tu! We told you the line up is amazing. And did you know that the entire festival is free? IP Kreatif will see talented locals putting themselves in the limelight and simply doing their thing. Go over and show them some love. Gather your friends and sample all these Malaysian bands with their own followings and discover what you may have been missing out on.

Cantiknya dessert from By Grace! Sure ke boleh makan?

2. So many quirky exhibitions!

IP Kreatif is a festival that aims to recognise creativity in all its forms. Throughout both days of the festival, Mall of Medini will be home to various exhibitions on several different artforms.

One of the festival’s highlights is , a Johor-based dessert shop run by a husband and wife. Gracing the presence of attendees with an edible art exhibition, both will be turning food into visual creations. Besides, what’s better than food? Pretty food.

Also on exhibit will be the works of Dasein Academy of Art alumnus Lee Mok Yee, UiTM’s fine art showcase gallery Segaris Art Centre, a Gundam Live Model display, as well as works from beloved local designer Bono Stellar, who will be involved in an installation as well as an expansion of the Make It Happen initiative.

Make It Happen is a special project which debuted at Urbanscapes earlier this year. The mixed-medium exhibition aims to spark discussion on the creative process by giving viewers access to each artist’s minds.

Ever wanted to know why artists do things a certain way? Come to Stellar Design’s Make It Happen, which promises to be bigger and more badass than the one at Urbanscapes!

What is the rationale behind select creative choices? Why did a particular artist choose a particular colour for his or her background? All this can be found at this collective exhibition curated by Stellar Design.

One of FX Cat’s competition entries!

3. Learn all the art!

There’s a man who once swore to himself that he would be writing comics until the day he dies. Chin Yew, the artist who authored The Boy Who Loved Clouds and a master in capturing children’s attention, will be teaching everyone who to construct their very own comics! Well-honed in his craft and possessing his own distinct style, Chin Yew will also be motivating and inspiring the young ones to let passion take flight in creating art.

Another workshop to look forward to is Neb Radzif a.k.a FX Cat’s special effects make-up class. As a self-taught body painter and special effects makeup artist, FX Cat is known for her bizarre and utterly creative looks which she creates on her own. This very talented Malaysian woman will be showing you how to be innovative and imaginative with colours. There’s no need to be afraid to experiment with FX Cat in the house.

Malaysian street artist Donald Abraham will also be teaching attendees how to use watercolours effectively. Possessing a style that depicts the unreal and the dream-like in a distorted manner, he is often deemed a visionary by many. His workshop will deal with watercolour painting and the fundamentals of creating prodigious art pieces.

It doesn’t stop there: Sekolah Seni Johor, the first Malaysian art school, will be exhibiting their take on the fine arts with handycrafts, while Johorean art collective Eh He will show people how to construct things using bamboo effectively.

4. Distract yourself with street attractions

IP Kreatif will also host many captivating street attractions sure to allure you with their sleight of hand. The classic clown will be on grounds to provide amusing and fun mini games for children.

Alakazam! A magician will also be impressing people with his trickeries and illusions that will leave you amazed. Something that should be seen more often are juggler. Juggling three or more objects is no easy task and IP Kreatif’s jugglers are sure to put the children in awe, maybe even the parents!

Of course, no festival is complete without a fire eater. The fun doesn’t start until someone is willing to risk their life eating fire. The list goes on; there’s a “mirrorman” dancer, as well as a cosplay photobooth for all the cosplayers coming to the festival. Props and dresses will be at the ready — just pop one on and take as many photos as you like!

5. Shop till you drop

There will be several bazaars at IP Kreatif. There’s one with vendors handpicked by Kraftangan Malaysia, an organisation under the Tourism and Cultural Ministry of Malaysia. Their wares will be available alongside selections from Johor Green, Minut Init and Johor Startup. An orchestra of different local items and artisanal products! The artworks at the White Box? Those will be on sold too!

But if you just want to come and just have a relaxing weekend at this free festival, come down to Mall of Medini. There’ll be a number of food trucks — the best of the Iskandar region — parked at the mall to satiate your hunger. You’ll be hungry after seeing and doing so many things.

So there you go! Those are our five reasons why you should spend a weekend in Iskandar Puteri, Johor this 22nd and 23rd July. The event is a platform to promote and encourage creative collaborations and the cross-pollination of innovative ideas.

By giving a space to local initiatives and talents to share their ideas, the festival hopes to inspire the public and push Iskandar Puteri as a hub for creativity and innovation– essential given the creative industry’s rapidly growing share in the global economy.

IP Kreatif breaks away from standard festival curation by recognising creativity in all its forms. With showcases highlighting the range and possibilities in Malaysian art, technology and even cuisine, the festival will present local musicians, painters, sculptors, craftsmen, chefs and many more talented Malaysians from various fields and trades.

Come one, come all!

takes place from 22 – 23 July 2017 at Mall of Medini, Iskandar Puteri, Johor.


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