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BINTANG X BULAN: Indie theatre, bands, poets come together for surprise community-organised festival
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BINTANG X BULAN: Indie theatre, bands, poets come together for surprise community-organised festival

by The Daily SeniApril 8, 2016

WRITING about fresh, underground talent always tempts us at The Daily Seni to get out there and give these new voices space to simply do their thing. Considering its out third year in the business, we thought we’d give it a go at a guerrilla festival.

Steeped in punk spirit, we sat down with three local artists and proposed an offer.

We’d provide them with administrative assistance and publicity if they could organise their teams to produce a show for a specific venue in town: visual art gallery and social space Minut Init, located in Damansara Uptown.

They could also work with our fairly vague theme of “bintang dan bulan”. How they wanted to interpret this was up to them. We then ambushed them with freedom to dictate how they wanted to admit the crowd and finance their productions.

These brave men didn’t back out, nay sir, each one of them — Cech Adrea (Sisi Seni Production), Api Husein (Lighters) and Jes Ebrahim Izaidin (Monsoon Market) — accepted the proposal most graciously.

Working closely with The Daily Seni and Minut Init over the past couple of weeks, they all promise to have something ready for you on Saturday.


In collaboration with the good folks over at Minut Init and some talented local artists, The Daily Seni is pretty excited to announce BINTANG X BULAN, an inaugural one-day festival of its kind on 16 April 2016.

Spanning music, poetry and theatre, BINTANG X BULAN is a series of events coordinated by The Daily Seni in collaboration with alternative art space Minut Init, featuring content produced by art collective Sisi Seni Production, experimental theatre group Lighters, and Malaysiana alt-rock band Monsoon Market.

At 5:00pm, join us for Intro, the official launch of BINTANG X BULAN starring young musician and former Malaysian Philhamonic Youth Orchestra member Shaun Chen and his Martin Gabbani violin.

At 6:00pm, Lighters will be presenting Decay, a short play directed by Maya Zaharudin starring Tengku Suhaila, Azizi Johari and Iadid Ashrai.

At 7:00pm, participate in The Daily Seni’s special Pop Quiz to win prizes or spend time with resident white rabbit Donnie.

At 8:00pm, enter the world of Sisi Seni Production and friends in POET VS WILD, featuring Amir Jahari, Jamal Raslan, Leaism, Jack MalikEyza Bahra, Surnia Fizul and Asmaraloka.

At 10:00pm, interactive performance Wayang di Bayang cloaks Monsoon Market, LustArmand Tanzarian, Gnurr and Skies Are Red in light and shadow for one heck of a closer.

Local craftsmen will be around to peddle their own creations, zines will be sold, and Minut Init’s bar is set to be stocked with enough alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks to keep you hydrated/dehydrated for the hours to come.

Walk in for some art from 4pm onwards.

Convinced? Hop onto our  and let us know you’re attending. See you there!

Contact The Daily Seni by messaging us on and , or contact Deric at for more information and ways to get involved. All poster art from BULAN X BINTANG by Shufitri Shukardi, except for POET VS WILD.

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