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Why Build A Time Machine When You Can Stay In These Places?
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Why Build A Time Machine When You Can Stay In These Places?

by Maira ZamriJanuary 10, 2017

ARE you an old soul? Feel like you don’t belong in the 21st century? Are you lost in this modern age? We found the perfect way for you to experience life like it was in the olden days, no time machines required! We’ve curated three places for you to visit in Malaysia’s heritage hotspots– Penang, Ipoh and Melaka– to fill that gaping hole in your heart. Gather up a group of fun-loving friends and you’ll be on your way.

Maison Muda @ 8 Muda Lane Georgetown

The first place in our list is Maison Muda, a pale-blue townhouse, placed strategically in the middle of Penang. A few steps away from tourist attractions such as the delicious nasi kandar at Kassim Mustafa and China House. What you see isn’t what you get because what you get is even better! Squished between an array of other shophouses, Maison Muda strikes you as timid at first, but when you enter, it boasts features that are far from timid.

It’s bursting with personality and filled with vintage and quirky touches by its owner. From the attic bedroom, to the balcony full of greenery, you’ll never want to leave. The tri-floored pre-war townhouse can house up to 8 people– perfect for trips with friends. Go and split the bill! With the right calculations, it will be cheaper than spending money to stay at a hotel.

Fancy a stay at Maison Muda? Check out their page on Airbnb and .

Casugria Dutch Colonial Villa

Casugria is a Dutch Colonial Villa built in 1810 by a Dutch Gentry who also happened to be the Dutch Governor of Malacca during the Dutch Rule from 1641 to 1824. Casugria is the only last surviving Dutch Bungalow Villa throughout entire Malacca. Painted a bright yellow, Casugria gives off colourful vibes, a vibrant contrast to the burning red Stadthuys in the tourist-packed city of Melaka. Casugria Boutique Heritage Residence is lined with tall and mighty pokok kelapa, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind. Hosted by people who know Malacca like the back of their hands and are passionate about what they do, we guarantee that you won’t miss out on the perfect Melaka experience. The villa is also conveniently located near major attractions and eateries– a major perk!

Feel like basking in the Malaccan sun while living in a historical fantasy? Check out their page on Airbnb and !

Kampung House by The Happy 8 Retreat

Kampung House is a traditional Malay house that was restored to its wooden glory by The Happy 8 Retreat. This rustic wonder is planted near Ipoh old town and the famous street murals. It provides the feeling of serenity amidst tourist-ridden Ipoh town. Enjoy your day lounging in the shade and sipping on air kelapa.

Put on your baju kurung Kedah and place a hibiscus in your hair, because you definitely don’t want to miss out from staying here. You won’t think that this kind of place actually exists in the middle of a town. local home owners will let you in on local specialties. Kampung House can house up to 6 people. The perfect getaway for a trip with the pals!

So, have you packed your things yet? Contact them on Airbnb or  to spend a few days in wooden glory.


These places prove that maybe time machines don’t need to exist after all! We hope our list has helped give you an idea of what’s out there. Bon voyage and off you go!

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  • muhammad amir amin mohd idris
    January 10, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    Dont forget Kg Morten at Malacca. The best place to enjoy the old Malacca Houses.

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