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By Popular Demand: Noh Salleh & Payung Teduh Are Back!
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By Popular Demand: Noh Salleh & Payung Teduh Are Back!

by Zim AhmadiMarch 21, 2017

Neo Live serves the masses of fans who chanted for some of the top acts in Nusantara to give another performance.

Bringing back their repertoire to the stage, Noh Salleh and Payung Teduh will be presenting a concert at iM4u Sentral, Puchong on the 1st April 2017 at 7pm. Accompanying them will be acoustic songster, poet-at-heart, Amir Jahari and jazzy, coffeehouse musicians Tilu.

Very few are unfamiliar with Noh Salleh, more prominently known as the lead singer of indie rock (although calling them that by now would be severely limiting since they’ve dabbled in a myriad of genres) pioneers, Hujan. Even solo, Noh Salleh stands strong lyrically and musically in his latest EP, Angin Kencang, released back in 2014. His ability to weave engaging storytelling with beautiful music productions reminiscent of romantic noir influences, most prevalent in songs like Angin Kencang, Sang Penikam and the soaring amorous ode to love, Bunga di Telinga. This sonic diversity owes its existence to very early exposures and inspiration, partly influenced by his elder brother. Noh started out treading into the art world and performing music in the underground scene at the tender age of 10. As he evolves, his music does too, and through his profession he’s developed a friendly relationship with the Indonesian music scene. Especially with Noh exploring a more neoromantika vibe to his sound, his versatility has made him compatible to collaborate with the likes of  Payung Teduh. For this event, they are supported by Noh’s co-band Restoe Iboe Band.

Noh Salleh

Payung Teduh is a musical group whch combines jazz sounds and keroncong, with a ’60’s sound blended somewehere in the marriage of harmonies only unique to them.  The band was formed in late 2007 and first consisted of two initial members, namely Is on vocal & guitar and Comi on double bass. After playing as a duet for sometimes, they’ve expanded their horizons and explored more to improve their stage performance. In 2010, Cito came in as a drummer and Ivan as a guitalele player that continuously and strengthened the band. Thus, Angin Pujaan Hujan was the first song that eventually known as the signature composition of Payung Teduh’s style, that warm, profound poetry and song characteristic of their band name – as it serves as welcome shade on rainy days.

Payung Teduh

The supporting acts are no less deserving of recognition too. Amir Jahari, famous for songs like Penghibur Jalanan and Aku Juga Manusia. His songs are always poignantly personal and touching. Acoustic though they may be, thus simple in form, there is a rarely boring moment in his lyricism and his ability to a woo a crowd with his talent. Tilu is no less impressive either, having been around in the music scene for quite a while with popular tracks such Ku Bukan Aku adding some serene, tranquil vibe to the mix. Both would be wonderful complements to Hujan and Payung Teduh.

This event is a testament to a promising interconnectivity between the Indonesian and Malaysian music scene – a relationship that keeps on giving, where two parties are similar, yet different in their own right as well. Simultaneously, it is a monument to national pride and an elevation of our independent music. So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now at https://www.urbanscout.co.uk/

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