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Psychedelic band Golden Mammoth colouring Urbanscapes with new album party!
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Psychedelic band Golden Mammoth colouring Urbanscapes with new album party!

by Zim AhmadiNovember 7, 2018

Golden Mammoth is vying for new heights with their upcoming album,  ‘Skyscraper Towards the Sun‘, and they’re inviting all of you to tune in on the 9th of November at Urbanscape House, Jalan Hang Kasturi! Admission is free!

Golden Mammoth’s debut full-length album, Metaphoric Quadraphonic, sparked our passion for their psychedelic anthems last year with single Malicious Judicious appearing in our Top 30 Best Tracks of the Year 2017 list. They take inspiration from many influences, from lead singer’s Syabil’s first venture into Todd Rungren, to the chaotic eclecticism of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.  All the way from Malavita, the band’s evolution has been  a very vibrant thread to track as they push their sound to more ethereal landscapes while grounding it to a groove we can all dance (or mosh) to. Sweet, saccharine desert serenades tend to punctuate their more anthemic, surreal explosions when it comes to their songwriting. Every Golden Mammoth performance has the potential to reach supreme levels of energy – or at the very least end up sonically explosive. At this point, their single Ominous, in spite of the name, beckons a pretty promising sound that makes us optimistic for Skyscrapers.


With the help of live visuals by Fairuz Sulaiman, (whois involved as the curator for student-powered art installation at Urbanscapes Live Wire. check out our article on it!), the performance will also be enhanced by the presence of out-of-this-world aesthetics that will hopefully brings you to a higher experience. The colours and patterns permeating through the stage has always been the kind of trademark you would find at a Golden Mammoth concert.

The band Golden Mammoth (Source: Golden Mammoth Facebook)

During the party, many other dancey bands will also turn up the heat! Kyogg brings rhythmic appeal through jangly garage rock sound, Enterprise will take you to outer space with their electropop, post-punk persona, and DJ Chaseylain will keep the tempo running throughout the night.

Even if you’re a new fan into the Golden Mammoth stratosphere, the band is also repressing their old albums, which would be sold at the venue itself! And as the upcoming album is still cooking in the kitchen, you’d be able to pre-order it by emailing

Interview with Fairuz Sulaiman:

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