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IACT College Film Festival Discusses Youth & Sexuality
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IACT College Film Festival Discusses Youth & Sexuality

by Aina IzzahOctober 31, 2018

Let’s talk about sex at IACT College on 3rd & 4th November from 1pm to 8pm.

Featuring the works of both students and feature films from the industry, IACT College Film Festival is gratifying the significance of the topic of sexuality in one of the most important period in someone’s life; adolescence. Broadcasting lecturer, Mien Ly explained the reason for the chosen subject matter, “Young people are naturally very curious about sexuality therefore exploring it through films is a more creative approach” and this is done by allowing students to present their production to compete in one or all of the three categories at the festival; short film, commercial and documentary as well as an People’s Choice Award.

A still from the short film, Parents Day.

Some of the short films by students that will be showcased at the festival are Stolen directed by Andrew Chan about a minor who has been smoking daily and came to realise how his unhealthy practice caused drastic consequences impacting more than his individual self and The Lost Piece by Eric Low on the waning relationship between a mother and her workaholic son and how it changed when the mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

In the documentary category, there are various films that have been selected by IACT lecturers and organising committee to be screened such as Big Bad Bangsar directed by Benjamin Yee connecting to the complex issue of gentrification occurring in Kampung Kerinchi and how it has shadowed the already gentrified Bangsar as well as What is it about Mamak? directed by duo, Adelle Adrian and Lau Eve Lyn centring on the iconic food that defines our nation and is beloved by all.

A still from the documentary What is it about Mamak?

Feature films that confront topics related to the theme are selected from South-East Asian filmmakers to provide a more localised and grounded setting that audience can familiarise with. The issues addressed are also more relevant to the audience, allowing them to have a better understanding of the theme especially one that’s controversial and taboo. The festival will also be screening  Fariza Azlina and Effendee’s Songlap which has won awards at ASEAN International Film Festival and the Malaysian Film Festival 2013 on Saturday evening. A Q &A session after the screening will be held with members of the production team.

The two-day event is open to public with a donation of RM5. For further information, check out IACT College Film Festival’s Facebook .

Featured Image and images source: IACT College Film Festival. 


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