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In Defence of Poetry: An Art Exhibition on The Interpretations of a Shared Reality
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In Defence of Poetry: An Art Exhibition on The Interpretations of a Shared Reality

by Low Tse YennJuly 6, 2018

In Defence of Poetry, an exhibition by Kill The Radio which pays homage to the overlooked emerging artistic talent of Malaysia.

Artists from each of their realms of reality utilize multidisciplinary methods to conceptualize and construct their individual interpretation of a share reality. Each interpretation is an embodiment of an artist’s culture, history, and beliefs.

Kill The Radio was birthed in recognition of this. As much as it is a platform, it is a movement of growth. Dynamic and ever-changing, it encourages exploration through experimentation and collaboration between the rich community of artists.

In Defence of Poetry is a manifestation of this movement.

Opening from the 7th of July until the 14th of July, the one-week long art exhibition features 14 emerging artists along with their works in a variety of art forms such paintings, figurines, sculptures and so much more. These artworks are presented in their purest form, diverse, unfiltered and polysemic.

The art exhibition will take place in the subterranean attic and rooftop of a soon to be torn down furniture warehouse, fulfilling one of Kill The Radio’s purpose of introducing the public to unconventional at spaces, presenting that art exists outside of the walls of art galleries.

The opening night on the 7th of July, from 5:30pm until 2am, will feature artworks, performances and DJs along with food and drinks!

Nazreen Abraham Stein

Presenting Oi! Bagun La, an interdisciplinary performance featuring digital, performing and installation art. The performance comprises of a character, a bed, an alarm clock and a cell phone, all coupled with a vocal and written abstract poetic narration. A personification of complacency, Nazreen is here to challenge the norm and the hesitation artists often face. In addition to being an artist, he is also a creative agent.

Ajim Juxta

Formerly academically trained in the discipline of architecture, Ajim Juxta found himself in the field of arts. Featuring a range of art disciplines in his work such as pen and ink, found-object and canvas paintings. In addition, he is the co-founder of Titikmerah, a collective which hosts art shows and programs in Publika.

Andy Wauman

Using art as a protest, Andy uses images that have lost their meaning as they been copied and mass distributed by the commercial media. Hoping to embed their original sense of romanticism or ideology back into their work through use of common metaphors or symbols.

His work is an expression of freedom, seeking for authenticity. “They are messages with a romantic sense of anarchy and love”.

Blank Malaysia

A self-taught artist, currently based in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Blank Malaysia who utilizes a multitude of mediums to discuss the philosophy of mortality and timelessness through the perception through modern contemporary life.


A multi-medium queer storyteller and the champion of Causeway Exchange (CEX) 2017 Poetry Slam,  is not apart of the theatrethreesixty and Speak City, Asia’s first spoken word immersive theatre show.

He was also a co-producer of The Human Exhibit: Mentalhealth that sold out, which also happened to be his debut production.

Emina Ashman

Emina’s works focuses on fluidity rather than rigidity. It is an exploration of the tension between sensuality and spirituality. A Malaysian-Australian performer, theatre-maker and write based in Melbourne, Emina has had her many forms of works be featured in many theatre productions and stage readings.

James Ly

Artist, lecturer and co-founder of Minut Init Art Social, an art gallery hoping to diversify the Malaysian art scene through discourse of aesthetics and politics. His art works can be interpreted as “axioms, postulates and proposals that play with symbolism, order, poetics, humour and irony”. Here to criticize the status quo, his works are a reflection of the relationship of people and reality.

Kara Inez

A Malaysian Artists who imparts her personal experiences into her works. Discussing issues such as feminism, mental health and technology through the various art forms she uses, sculpture, painting and performance arts which sometimes contain abject materials such as hair and skin.


Sliz’s work is a fusion of high art and low brow visual styles. Combining two separate worlds, he hope to bridge the gap between different social classes within the arts to have common ground in address current issues despite the differing viewpoints.

His latest series incorporate elements of street art into the poise and controlled setting of an art gallery. Bringing the street into the confines of the formality of fine art.

Sophia Haron

Hard to Get, (2017), Acrylic on Canvas, 35.5 cm x 35.5 cm

Truly an artist from the start, Sophia found herself in the arts as she struggled with the numbers and words. Her works which seem like they are viewed through a kaleidoscope features a beautiful blend of colours and realism. Pursuing fine arts in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), she was able to exhibit her works as an undergraduate there.

Sophia Kamal

Having exhibited her work all across Asia and Europe, Sophia’s talent is abundantly evident in her work as she explores self-identity, religion, nationality, femininity and beauty through sensual and intimate portraits. Iridescent and captivating, her paintings are more than reflections of the physical and material, but also the unseen and abstract.

Tomi Heri

Tomiheri Sketch – Di Rumah Pesakit

A multidisciplinary artist situated in Kuala Lumpur, his artwork is an exploration of himself. Expressing them in idiosyncratic and imaginative art, he combines traditional artwork techniques with new media formats to conceptualize an expression of his experiences.

Yeeleng Ng

Part of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ Exhibit

Using her power and privilege, Yeeleng advocates for feminism through the use of art, channeling her voice as a woman to speak up for something much larger than she is.

The art gallery will be taking place at:

Urban Culture SDN BHD PJ, Lot PT13843, SS 21/2 Damansara Utama 47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open from 1pm until 11pm

To keep track of Kill The Radio, follow their !

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