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Masks and Stories: An Art Exhibition on Our Many Faces
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Masks and Stories: An Art Exhibition on Our Many Faces

by Low Tse YennJune 30, 2018

As protagonists of our own stories, we often conflict with our identity. Our identity is not a constant, it is ever-changing as we navigate through the story that is our lives. Cooley’s theory of the Looking Glass-Self leads us to believe that we act according to how we want others to perceive our identity as.

According to Jungian psychology, each of us wears a mask and if the social situation calls for it, the mask changes. It is said to be a coping mechanism for the social animals that we are.

Call it deception or adaption, Masks and Stories, an art exhibition taking place from the 30th June to the 29th July at Artemis Art, Publika, showcases artworks which unravel the story of the human façade.

Sekolah Series by Caryn Koh (Source: Artemis Art KL)

“The exhibition revolves around the idea of the human persona – a mask, if you would, that allows our true self to navigate through society – and how the persona becomes an important element in storytelling within visual art. “ – Masks and Stories

Kicking off the opening with a Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Open House at 3pm on the 30th of June, the art exhibit will feature recent artworks by visual artists, Caryn Koh, Dedy Sufriadi, Indra Dodi and Syahbandi Samat, from Indonesia and Malaysia.

The art exhibition, by Artemis Art KL, will showcase vastly different styles of art, all under a common theme.

Leaving behind the security of her career in medicine, Caryn Koh pursued her passion for art. Currently residing in the UK, Caryn is best known for her sekolah series illustrations, which uses pen and colour pencils on paper. In addition, masks and Stories will present a teaser for her upcoming solo exhibition.

Batmanthology by Dedy Sufriadi (Source: Artemis Art KL)

Through her depictions of the human form, she translates the affliction of the silent mind through the masks they wear. Her brush strokes tell the story of a psychological struggle, capturing it all in a single painting.

An inspiration to the exhibition title, Batmanthology, is a series of artwork by Dedy Sufriadi. Dedy, who possesses an array of diverse artwork, is best known for his abstract art and the use of text in them.

Batmanthology embodies the essence of the exhibition as it is an interpretation of the superhero, Batman, and the mask which he exposes to the world. Visually stimulating as well as thought-provoking, it is an exploration of identity through fiction.

Artwork by Syahbandi Samat (Source: Artemis Art KL)

Next, there is Indra Dodi whose art captures the purity of child-like wonder and perception. His use of bright colours and simplistic characters instill a sense of idiosyncrasy and light into his story.

Through the use of the facial expressions of the subjects in the painting, a sense of empathy and understanding is felt.

Finally, Syahbandi Samat, the youngest of the four artists, uses a ballpoint pen to produce his works, which has won him accolades from the Malaysian visual art community.

His recent artworks which tell the story of the complexity of his life are condensed into the surreal settings of his art found on a single canvas. Just like Caryn, Masks and Stories will feature a teaser for an upcoming solo exhibition.

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Featured image source: Artemis Art KL Website (Artwork by Indra Dodi)

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