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Mental Health Film Festival On The Relationship of Films & Mental Illnesses
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Mental Health Film Festival On The Relationship of Films & Mental Illnesses

by Aina IzzahNovember 9, 2018

In collaboration with KLIX Media, Teeb TV presents the Mental Health Film Festival that accepts film submissions and will screen movies in relation to issues of mental health that will go on until 4th February 2019.

In conjunction of the film festival, Teeb TV quoted the statistics from the Malaysia Ministry of Health, National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015 that “The prevalence of mental health issues among adults above 16 years old 29.2% or 4.2 million Malaysians” to further encapsulate the motivation behind the festival which they stated on their official site is to instill the spirit of ‘destigmatising mental illness’ and to demonstrate that there are places for patients to efficiently share their concern.

The festival becomes a platform for filmmakers to introduce their films in their Short Video Contest: “I’m Not Ok” for categories like Best Short Video, Audience Award and Best Video by Student in their own interpretation of why mental health should be a vital mission especially when it comes to public accessibility. The core of the festival itself that addresses the many stigma and complications regarding mental illnesses.

The juries that will judge the video submissions are Azuan Muda who is chief executive office of KLIX Media Sdn Bhd and co-founder of Teeb TV, a psychiatrist and advisor to the National Family Support Group Association and The National Peer Support Group Association, Dr. Abdul Kadir and Dato’ Kamil Othman who is a former Director-General of the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) (though, we hope that another seat will be updated for a woman jury to be included as well).

Teeb TV has also posted on their social media that they intend to screen movies like the American psychological drama, Girl, Interrupted starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie that highlights mental issues faced by patients in a renowned mental institution for women and they also invites suggestions on their account on what films they should feature at the festival that accentuate the theme and their vision.

The screening’s objective is to create a discussion and educational environment between filmmakers, the audience and psychologists . One such discussion involves the accurate portrayal of people suffering from mental illnesses and the guidelines needed for a respectful on-screen execution. The festival is a fascinating channel for both the professionals who are adept to the issue of mental health and illnesses can reach out to the masses and develop a more welcoming course for those to seek aid as well as discovering new talents through the short video contest.

If you want more insight on what the festival will provide on do visit Teeb TV’s and ‘s Facebook Pages. Click the link to see how to submit your short video:


Featured Image source: Mental Health Film Festival Facebook. 


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