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Free film screenings at Urbanscapes from Monday to Friday! Catch modern Malaysian classics and milestones, then meet filmmakers!
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Free film screenings at Urbanscapes from Monday to Friday! Catch modern Malaysian classics and milestones, then meet filmmakers!

by The Daily SeniApril 30, 2016

THIS year at Urbanscapes, come aboard The Daily Seni‘s safari through Malaysia’s diverse and vibrant filmscape with a curated selection of features, shorts and music videos. That’s right, we’re plugging our free screening programme (1+RE)DISCOVER in collaboration with Urbanscapes on our own website, but trust us, this will be worth your time!

From established directors to bright new voices, we’ve roped in an array of talents from local cinema to tell you how they brought magic to the screen. Come on Tuesday to watch  the acclaimed Redha and have a chat with director Tunku Mona Riza, or drop by Thursday to watch and talk about Malaysian music videos with award-winning filmmaker Saw Teong Hin and the effervescent Virginia Kennedy.

Looking for something even more cerebral? There’s a screening of shorts from East Malaysia, plus an exclusive preview of the special, painstakingly-put-together Big Stories Bongkud-Namaus in advance of its semenanjung premiere. But don’t go home after, as a casual forum will be held after featuring filmmakers Nadira Ilana, Uzair Sawal, Mallory Lee and Bebbra Malin!

But if you’re looking to just kick back on a Friday night, there’s going to be an out-of-this-world performance featuring Takahara Suiko, Talitha TanChristian Palencia and Raja Syahiran. Part of our screening of Feefo.TV‘s lauded web series Hey Orang Kita includes appearances from all major cast members and a special announcement from the Hey Orang Kita team!

In any case, make sure to have a look at our full programme and come by the Urbanscapes House on 2 Jalan Hang Kasturi. It’s basically Medan Pasar, or two minutes walk from Masjid Jamek, and everything’s FREE, guys!

Second Chance Cinema (2 – 3 May)

Remember that movie trailer/poster/teaser you saw and thought looked really cool but then it finally hit cinemas and you had a thousand things to do? We’ve got those films.

Here’s one more chance to see them and even have a chat with their creators. Second Chance Cinema is the first installment of The Daily Seni’s new initiative which aims to reintroduce Malaysian films to the country’s urban youth.

On Monday, we have Bernard Chauly‘s hilarious, groundbreaking , which brought female-led comedy to an all-time high in this sexy, stylised tale set on a ship. Watch top Malaysian actresses Maya Karin and Fazura like you’ve never seen before in a hilarious romp aboard a ship of mysteries as they search for a rich husband.

Pisau Cukur took home Best Supporting Actress at Festival Filem Malaysia in 2010, and also garnered nominations for Best Script, Best Direction and Best Lead Actress. Oh, and there will be a special post-screening questioning session in which we hope to unearth more valuable information from the film!

On Tuesday, will be taking to the Urbanscapes House in a special screening which will see director Tunku Mona Riza and producer Ku Mohamad Haris in attendance. The acclaimed film which aims to portray Malaysian perspectives towards autism is a must-watch and will be a strong contender at Festival Filem Malaysia this year, already garnering praise as the best feature of 2016 thus far.

Most heartwarmingly, Redha‘s creators have also asked that the movie’s screening fee be channeled towards charity. You won’t be catching this film on TV soon (its makers have foregone Astro First as a platform) so come and join us for this special screening.

Synesthesia (4 May)

Music videos synergise music and visuals and is an exciting yet accessible take on film – how exactly did some of Malaysia’s greatest music videos come to life?

brings you eight notable Malaysian music videos from the new century, complete with a panel consisting of award-winning filmmaker Saw Teong Hin (Puteri Gunung Ledang), acclaimed music video director Virginia Kennedy and new Malaysian filmmaker Thiyagaraja to answer all your burning questions on the craft.

Join us for a one-of-a-kind session which will see the night’s playlist shaped by our our celebrated guests and the audience. What music video do YOU want to talk about?

Across The Sea: East Malaysian Shorts + Exclusive Preview: Big Stories Bongkud-Namaus (5 May)

We’re so hung up over the semenanjung, it’s time to take notice of what’s been going on in Sabah and Sarawak. Filmmaker Nadira Ilana serves as our East Malaysia correspondent in this segment featuring short films by filmmakers in Borneo, dubbed !

On the list are Bebbra Mailin‘s Fragile, Anjali Venugopal‘s Forget Happiness Not, Margaret Bong‘s Tudtu, Mallory Lee‘s Hello Angel, and Uzair Sawal‘s  Bejalai. Look out for more information on these East Malaysian filmmakers in the next couple of days, but know that you can catch Bebbra, Mallory and Uzair at the post-screening forum!

Very excitingly, this one comes with an exclusive preview of Big Stories Bongkud-Namaus, the debut Malaysian installment of Australian documentary initiative Big Stories Small Towns. In this special screening, catch rural Malaysian folk like never before for the first time outside its world premiere in Sabah last month!

Hey Orang Kita (6 May)

In this special screening of Red Communication‘s web series, , we’ve got a special version edited exclusively for Urbanscapes. Directed by young filmmaker Zara Kahan, Hey Orang Kita has received strong critical acclaim for its bold portrayal of urban youth and brave themes.

This won’t be a standard screening however; the team has got their cast members to come in and get some performing done too! The Hey Orang Kita team however have got some very big news about the series, and you’ll be the first ones to know at the event.

All screenings are FREE and will take place at the Urbanscapes House, 2 Jalan Hang Kasturi, Medan Pasar. Find out more on ! To get involved in the social media chatter, just add #1rediscover on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! (1+RE)DISCOVER is a five-day film programme curated by The Daily Seni in collaboration with Urbanscapes.

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