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Rumah Anak Teater Adapts Bestselling Novel ‘Seyogia’ For The Stage
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Rumah Anak Teater Adapts Bestselling Novel ‘Seyogia’ For The Stage

by The Daily SeniDecember 13, 2015

In their second collaboration to date, theatre company Rumah Anak Teater and publisher Lejen Press have adapted Amal Hamsan‘s Seyogia, a novel published in 2013.

Seyogia first debuted on 26 November in Medini Mall, Johor Bahru, where it ran for one weekend. The play is directed by actor Norazmi Bahron and stars Lya Azman, Botak Alhakeem, Feqdyatul, Nora Ahmad, Nazim Othman and DibJualKata.

Produced by the main behind Lejen Press, Aisa Linglung, Seyogia will run this weekend in Black Box, Publika, from 18 – 20 December.

The source novel is one of Lejen’s top releases since bestseller Nomy Nozwir‘s Awek Chuck Taylor created a phenomenon earlier last year and also inspired a stage adaptation. Boasting a positive rating on Goodreads, Seyogia tells the story of a young woman with a tragic life who meets different people and eventually finds solace in religion.

Seyogia has been described as a tearjerker in almost every blog review and comment online. There are no professional reviews of the performance just yet, but executive producer Faisal Mustaffa states that word of mouth in Johor was positive.

Tickets are priced at RM30 and can be obtained from a selection of bookstores (e.g. MPH Nu Sentral, I Am Lejen Shop SS15 Subang Jaya, and MPH City Mall) but get more details via .

Lejen Press last appeared in headlines for collaborating with new filmmakers and publishing houses for the short film anthology , which boasted an all-star cast including Azman Hassan, Sara Ali and Beto Kusyairy.

Seyogia runs from 18 – 20 December at Black Box, Publika. For further enquiries, send a message via Whatsapp to  or email !

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