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Sembang Soda Episode 6: Airliftz
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Sembang Soda Episode 6: Airliftz

by Zim AhmadiOctober 13, 2017

On this episode of Sembang Soda, we talk to our first hip hop artist on this series, Airliftz. He shares with us his influences, touring in China & more!

This young rapper is signed under , a label founded by Jin Hackman, himself an iconic staple in the Malaysian rap scene. At such a young age, Airliftz has already toured around Asia with the list including  China, Macau, Singapore and more.


His recent EP, Bagel, (we reviewed it here!) adds a more soulful edge to the trap sound currently trending in our local rap game. He’s inspired and carries his influences on his back, but dishes out something that is truly his own through his personal experiences and his overall penchant for fun! Enjoy this laidback borak session with this talent from Sungai Long, Kajang!


When talking about whether the rap scene is getting worse:
“It’s like rock you know. You have metal, post-metal, indie, and alternative. So in hip hop, you have all types of different sounds too. Like if you like old school soul stuff that’s still around, but if you like trap that’s good too”

About going international:
Oh dude, I would go on the stage, speak Malay and shout “Wei, aku kat mana doh ni?”

On proving his mum wrong:
My mum would say, “Music can’t put food on the table”, so I told my mum that I would prove her wrong. And now here I am. [long pause]. I’m still broke though *laughs*


We include references not to just expose our readers to new music and check out some of the songs mentioned, but also to understand what their favourite artists listens to and how they became who they are. Below are the things that make Airliftz the artist that he is now.

1) 1:06 –
2) 1:28 –
3) 2:41 –
4) 2:54 – Min
5) 3:10 – 6) 3:19 –
7) 3:28 –
8) 3:47 – 4 Your Eyez Only – J. Cole
9) 5:07 –
10) 5:25 –
11) 7:08 –
12) 7:22 – 13) 8:16 –
14) 8:55 –
15) 9:14 –
16) 9:35 –
17) 9:39 –
18) 9:43 –
19) 10:21 – 20) 11:48 –
21) 11:58 – 22) 12:11 – Big Sean’s ‘Hall of Fame’
23) 12:24 – o

Check out Bagel on Spotify if you haven’t yet!

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