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Syawal Slayage: Charm and conquer raya in ‘Goda’s irresistable Nusantara prints
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Syawal Slayage: Charm and conquer raya in ‘Goda’s irresistable Nusantara prints

by Deric EctJune 10, 2016

THERE’S something that speaks volumes about the visuals conjured by boutique fashion line Goda. Showcasing batik prints across women and men’s clothing, Goda brings us back to the good old days long before Arabisation hit Malaysia like a disease; the days when delicate, ancient motifs of flora and fauna adorn the fabric protecting one’s body.

Formed last August, Goda is the brainchild of young artist Fazleena Hishamuddin, who’s been building a name for herself in Malay theatre.

Summarising the collection as depicting “Pesona Nusantara” (“Nusantara Charm”), Fazleena too injects her own flair for storytelling into the project.

Her designs aren’t mere cuts and patterns; they’re characters from the landscape which gave rise to Southeast Asian heritage and traditions. The simple yet elegant Skirt Mahadewi for example boasts the mythical figure of Arjuna as its defining motif.

Arjuna is a crucial figure in shadow puppetry, often depicted as a quietly contemplative wanderer with a heart of gold. His defining characteristic however is his soft, easygoing nature, and his aversion to force — the very traits which Goda aims to extoll through the skirt.

On top of original creations, Goda once also sold pre-loved clothes sourced from Indonesia. Their limited edition Goda Klasik range put back a curated selection of used apparel on the market.

From kebayas to shirts and skirts, Goda Klasik aimed to bring their new owners back in time, so they may connect with the past through nostalgia and appreciation for good, lasting design. Because guys, imagine what a colourful, mysterious world this could be if batik were the new black!

One brilliant thing about Goda is its accessible prices. The Goda Klasik line rarely exceeds RM40 per item, while men’s shirts and one-piece Indonesian flair dresses called dasters go for RM70.

Also worthy of a mention is the Adiratna Clutch, which is a mere RM40 and comes in a plethora of designs. Purse first?

But know you can also celebrate Raya in style with Goda Lebaran, the latest range in conjunction with raya season! The latest series, launched yesterday, comprises kebayas, tunics and palazzos for a contemporary take on nusantara fashion.

Their Tun Fatimah ensemble which comprises a peplum and palazzo, was inspired by Tun Dr. Fatimah Hashim — an important female figure who fought for women’s rights in Malaysia particularly with respect to their education and careers.

There’s plenty to seek out from Goda, and we’ll leave it to you to find out from their and . In the meantime, have a look at some pictures we sourced from the collection.

Stay tuned for more Syawal Slayage as we go through local indie fashion to pick out what else you could be wearing this raya! Got suggestions? Leave them in the comments section!

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