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‘The Last Altimet Show’ Sets The Beginning of The Rapper’s Retirement
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‘The Last Altimet Show’ Sets The Beginning of The Rapper’s Retirement

by Aina IzzahDecember 21, 2018

The late 1990s sees the rise in hip-hop music in Malaysia which is also accumulated in the culture of skateboarders, street-wear and electronic devices allowing a more mobile method to play your favourite (CD) albums whenever you want and kick-starting with that great wave was rapper and songwriter, .

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His biography and history of his influences was told by his mother, Jamalah Syed Agil as she recounted Altimet’s childhood in the track titled, A from his recent album, O that’s released on 21st December on all digital platforms. His mother’s voice was interlaced with a smooth and easy beat as she stated that it’s not surprising that Altimet has a musical career because of her own passion and interests, “Everyday when I wake up I must turn on the radio. I must always have music. I like Jazz and R&B.”

These lines of casual dialogue is then interjected with verses rapped by Altimet illustrating for listeners how he came to have music in his life during the darkest times having gone through his parents’ divorce and growing up feeling trapped and confused.


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A seems like the proper tune as an introduction to Altimet’s final album since there is a story that continues from one track to the other until finally the ending comes in the form of Orang Biasa featuring   in which Altimet expressed his retirement from a career spanning more than a decade as a rapper though; he’d hoped to still contribute as a producer and writer.

Mainly the album O will be featured live at The Last Altimet Show to be set on 16th February 2019 (Saturday) at Dewan Merdeka, PWTC in Kuala Lumpur; a venue that Altimet described as, “Iconic especially for the art industry in Malaysia”. The rapper also added, “I want to present a concert that showcases that rap is the song of the people hence, the tickets are sold at a very affordable price,” to ensure that all of his fans could attend. He’d also mentioned that there will be other acts on stage with him like Zizi Karina and Aman Ra among others to celebrate the beginning of a new era for Altimet.


Tickets for The Last Altimet Show can be purchased at Altimet’s official website. Altimet’s album, O which includes collaborations with , and is now available on all digital platforms.

Featured Image source: Emma Abdullah. 


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