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Did You Know That There’s Quite A Lot Happening This Weekend At The School, Jaya One?!
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Did You Know That There’s Quite A Lot Happening This Weekend At The School, Jaya One?!

by The Daily SeniSeptember 8, 2015

So it’s time for another installment of Art For Grabs! If you’ve been to one of these things you’ll know it’s a pretty decent place to get handcrafted local stuff, speak to interesting people and gain useful information. Each episode however comes with something new, and this one’s no exception.

TinyPinc Miniatures will be selling some ridiculously lovable accessories!

Yes, this September we have Art For Grabs + Sisters happening at The School, Jaya One but we are extremely excited about the Very Bad Film School Challenge so we’ll talk about that first! Given all the Festival Filem Malaysia ke-27 coverage we’ve been doing, we are extremely keen to try this one out.

At 12pm this Saturday, Woo Ming Jin and Zan Azlee invite you to the ultimate challenge! Woo Ming Jin wants you to make a two minute film based on an excerpt of Norwegian Wood (the book, not the film!) while Zan Azlee would like you to shoot a complete documentary film in one single shot. Both come with some rules which you can find out on the day, and all submissions will be screened the following day at 6pm.

Adding pressure are guest commentators Thomas Barker, Cho We Jun, Isazaly Isa, Ahmad Yazid and Diffan Norman! So in addition to having your work screened to the public, you have legit filmmakers giving their honest opinions about your film. Even if you’re not participating, we say bring some popcorn and grab a comfortable seat; it’s going to be one hell of a show.

Art For Grabs is back at The School!

In any case, that’s just one of the highlights at Art For Grabs + Sisters this weekend! There’s pretty much something for everyone who’s creatively-inclined – performing arts fan can check out Treehouse Open Mic for some acoustic songs, Poetically Correct by the brilliant and beautiful people of If Walls Could Talk (and you’ll get to ogle at Melizarani T. Selva and Will Beale), and also We All Need This Right Now, a stand-up comedy show by the endearing boys of One Mic Stand.

By the way, a lot of this was made possible due to some generous sponsorship from Sisters In Islam.

Aside from bearing a bulk of production costs, the non-governmental organisation has also helped put together several events, such as the Cinta Sexis / Cinta Feminis panel discussion. It’s another thing we would like to tell you about, actually!

There will be a very interesting forum organised by Projek Dialog!

Five panelists – filmmaker Amanda Nell Eu, sex educationist June Low, poet Liyana Dizzy, Sisters In Islam executive director Ratna Osman, and Coconut.kl editor Words Manifest – review clips from sexist local films and videos in the first half hour and then look at content with better portrayal of women in the second hour.

In terms of panel discussions, we’re also keen for Projek Dialog‘s Siapa Bilang Gadis Melayu Tak Melawan which features documentarian Yati Kaprawi, DAP‘s Dyana Sofya and visual artist Engku Iman among others. It revolves around the perception of the Malay woman in the eyes of society, and whether feminism is a foreign concept in Malay culture. How often do you get people talking about things like that?

These are just some of the happenings at Art For Grabs + Sisters this weekend. We haven’t even gone on to talking about the stuff these lovely people have done for mothers too. Aside from a forum on work-life balance for mothers, there’s a particularly sweet endeavour with prizes sponsored by The Body Shop. The Mom’s Secret Ambition Photo Contest will be rewarding five mothers who submitted photos of their secret ambition!

Make sure to keep your weekend free and see you there, fellas!

Art For Grabs + Sisters will be happening on 12-13 September at The School, Jaya One. That’s this weekend, so take note! Featured image is of figurines by Retroholic Yuan Yuan.

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