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Top 10 Songs of The Week – May 25, 2015
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Top 10 Songs of The Week – May 25, 2015

by Tharany M.May 29, 2015

The Top 10 Songs of the Week is here again!

This week’s music chart is out! Sadly, most of them are comfortable with their spots from last week.

“Senyum” by Aziz Harun, “Malaikat” by HazamaFaizal Tahir‘s “Assalamualaikum” and Hazama‘s “Sampai Mati”  are not budging. They stand at number ten. nine, eight and seven respectively.

“Mewangi” by Akim dropped to number six. Meanwhile, Nana Sheme‘s “Hantu Atau Buaya” is staying strong at number five.

Mojo does it again! His “Roman Cinta” and “Dahsyat” stand back to back at number four and three. Mojo consists of four people: Denny, the guitarist, Johar, drummer, Edry synthesizer and Ryan, the lead vocalist. Previously, the band’s vocalist was Aweera – who now runs solo.

Akim & The Majistret’s “Potret” and Elizabeth Tan‘s “Knock Knock” are still competing against each other.

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