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Tracks of the Week (26/08/17) (NYK, Steff Fleur, Hunny Madu)
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Tracks of the Week (26/08/17) (NYK, Steff Fleur, Hunny Madu)

by Aina IzzahAugust 25, 2017

Woah, it has been a great week for our national sports team and we want to congratulate our athletes for taking part in the SEA Games 2017! Now, let’s turn to the local music that will make us all feel like winners with our Tracks of the Week.

1) Terbanglah – Sekumpulan Orang Gila

This melody is pretty in tune with 90’s local love songs; it takes romance in the form of fresh dew on grass, the coming sun and a love that warns the lovers when to stop and when to keep running.

2) FWB – NYK

Reminiscent of early 2000’s R & B tracks, NYK (Nick Yung Kit) is making a name for himself with FWB and his post-performance at Good Vibes Festival 2017. If you are ever disappointed by a relationship that is limited to the concept of ‘friends with benefit’ then this is a tune that you should give a listen to.

3) Bangkit Bersama – Dayang Nurfaizah

This Malaysian darling gave a haunting and spirited performance of this motivating song at the opening ceremony of the SEA Games 2017 at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil thus, further commemorating the hard work put forward by our athletes in making Malaysians proud.

4) Senyum – As’ad Motawh

It’s quite a universal track as it could be taken from a familial, friendship or a couple’s perspective. It’s more on the theme of encouraging happiness and letting go of your worries especially when you are feeling hopeless, so it’s an easy listen on rainy days.

5) Demi Kita – Ismail Izzani

It’s a rather sweet track that begs more than one play and it goes with the theme of going strong for a relationship, searching for a reason to stay on and working together for the long ride.

6) Terasa Ada – Sufian Suhaimi

Sufian Suhaimi may be singing this to that special someone so maybe we can too. The singer has quite a range of vocals on this tune and it might stand out from other romantic serenades coming out this month on the local radio stations.

7) Hurt Nobody – Steff Fleur

This enigmatic singer-songwriter from Sarawak is bringing her ethereal sound on this track. It’s captivating, soulful and is proof of her ability to delve into varied genres.

8) Dalam Hati Ada Taman – Half Asleep

It has that early 2000’s American pop band vibe but with a local twist. It’s fun to dance too and especially to remind yourself of those bubbly moments when you met someone who you think might be “the one”.

9) Get Money (feat. Radio3000) – Hunny Madu

The only Hip-Hop track this week is a collaboration between our homegirl, Hunny Madu and American rapper, Radio3000 and unlike other rap songs about flashy cars and big mansions, it’s more about the common people working together to just get a few cash and get by. It’s catchy and will make you hustle while in traffic on a  busy weekday.


10) Diri – Fourwalls

It’s pop-ish rock & roll and it brought me back to the days when American Rejects and Simple Plan were rocking the charts with their garage-band sounds that are authentic, angsty, youthful and relatable to the teen rebellious phase.

11) Radio Romeo – Scarlet Heroes

Their debut album is titled, Somewhere Over The Atmosphere and this pop-punk band is bringing in a storm with their riffs, drums and an attitude that is all over their lyrics and tunes.


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