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Ejen Ali is back for a second season!
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Ejen Ali is back for a second season!

by The Daily SeniSeptember 25, 2017

Back for a second season after the first run of Ejen Ali, we can expect much more laughter and drama packed episodes from Primeworks Studios and Wau Animation that’s premiered on the 22nd of September. Ali’s adventures are about to get a lot more interesting, as the series has an expanded world and a whole array of new characters lined up for fans to enjoy.

Ejen Ali took the local animation scene by storm, surprising viewers of all ages with its stylish use of design; set in the futuristic and fictional city of Cyberaya. The main characters consist of Ali bin Ghazali and his partner, Alicia Kheng, who have a dynamic relationship between their shared traits of arrogance and recklessness in trying to outdo each other in terms of skill as secret spies.

In the normal world, the two of them are students of Sekolah Rendah Teknologi Cyberaya 1, where a fellow teacher known as Cikgu Karya is a member of the M.A.T.A helps to keep their secret identities out of the public knowledge. The school’s stray cat known as Comot, also assists Ali on his missions from time to time. However, prior to Ali’s enrollment into M.A.T.A, he was under the guidance of Uncle Bakar, who helps him and Alicia keep the city safe.

Not only are the visuals top-notch, but the writing is also a strong point about the series. Ejen Ali uses subtle humour in the way the characters and minor roles communicate and express themselves through body language; such as Cikgu Karya’s wayward demeanour and Puan Munah’s reaction to a public announcement about using the rotan during classes. The show is also relatable and up-to-date, by using urban slang such as ‘roger’ and the recognition of e-sports as a productive activity in the school’s curriculum.

Small-time criminals are portrayed as social groups that affiliate themselves with road racing, such as ‘Mat Rempits’ that do the superman on the highway during the wee hours of the night. Ejen Ali has an old school charm that gives its characters room for development, and for the show’s universe to expand and progress; making the show notably a unique cartoon that’s enjoyable for its viewers.

Following the second season’s premiere; after the show-down that took place in the first season’s finale, Ali’s new life unfolds after being formally accepted into the M.A.T.A. The world that lies before him is about to turn a lot more sinister, as Uno’s revenge against the M.A.T.A is on the brink of becoming a reality- will he be caught in the espionage and fail to return to his life as a normal schoolboy? That’s for you to find out!

A whole line of Ejen Ali merchandise consisting of back-to-school products, stationery, apparel and toys will be headed by Toy World Marketing Sdn. Bhd.; including a line of water bottles and lunch boxes that will be sold nationwide by October 2017, and in 2018 to coincide with the upcoming school year. The fourth line of the six-piece sticker book series will be published in October as well; adding to the collection of comic books, pre-school activity books, colouring books, educational charts and posters that have already made their way into the local market.

Fans will also be able to purchase a special game edition t-shirt through the first e-store activation for Ejen Ali; this is made possible by another partnership brought to life by the award-winning Media Prima Digital’s MPLabs; Ejen Ali: Emergency and Ejen Ali: MATA Training Academy. 

Last but not least, the producers of Ejen Ali are in the works for the production of Ejen Ali: The Movie, bound for cinematic release in 2019.

(Featured Image source: MPTV360)

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