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Lisa Takes Over The Daily Seni On World Children’s Day!
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Lisa Takes Over The Daily Seni On World Children’s Day!

by Zim AhmadiNovember 20, 2017

In honor of World Children’s Day, we seek to empower the kids of this generation by giving them the opportunity to be the ones in the limelight- by letting them use their creative minds to critically assess artistic material and bringing today’s content to you!


Breaking News – Eshaan Kurup, 7 & Rayhan Kurup, 6 release results from the Children4Change Survey.

Together alongside 10 major media partners from TV, radio, print and online platforms- The Daily Seni will be joining the worldwide movement on the 20th of November for this year’s global theme, #ForEveryChild!

Over 30 children will take over the Malaysian media by storm, acting as either a host for your favorite show, making an appearance on TV and radio public service announcements, writing a column or acting as social media managers; to highlight issues and things that they care about. A poll conducted for children between the ages 6-17 years old showed that;

3 in 4 children want our leaders to provide quality education for every child, including children with disabilities, migrant and refugee children, which remains their primary concern. Almost as many also want leaders to ensure their safety from all forms of violence, including bullying and corporal punishment.

In the world of technology and globalization, children are more exposed to world events and are made more aware of the rights they possess as a child of the world. By using our platforms to help give children a loudspeaker for their voices, this would help lessen the gap between generations, encourage participation from children, as well as nurture future visionaries and leaders of the world!

Here’s a video for you to check out what the children of the millennium have to share on this video by UNICEF Malaysia!

In the office today, we have Lisa- a 12-year old chic renegade who writes poetry, reads tons of books and adores films! Her number one band pick is The Cure from the 80s which compliments her growing sense of affinity for goth rock.

This time, she’ll be taking over The Daily Seni to give her two cents on BMW Shorties grand prize winning short-film Hawa, and will also be playing the role of an interviewer for the New-wave Electronica outfit Enterprise for a quick interview.

Welcome to!

The Lisa Show: Lisa Reviews ‘Hawa’ By Tan Ce Ding!

Lisa talks about the imagery and narrative of a zombie-ridden universe; where the two protagonists are both children who face the challenges of survival and teamwork in this gorgeous thriller-filled indie flick.

The Lisa Show: Lisa Interviews Ismail from Enterprise!

Lisa has a chat with Ismail; frontman of Enterprise about the beginnings of the band, influences- and Ismail gives our younger viewers some advice about what’s important when it comes to starting a band!

To round it off, anything is possible in the hands of our youth! Children are capable of being game-changers in the future, and let’s celebrate World Children’s Day as a reminder that all children have rights that protect them and empower them!

To find out more, check out the UNICEF website. Empower the children! Image Credit: UNICEF

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